Hi, I’m Russell and the reason I created this site was to give fans of fishing, hunting, and dirt track racing a chance to read some of the best content online, share their experiences by leaving comments and get the best possible advice.

I myself am a fan of fishing, hunting, and dirt track racing. I would race in the spring/summertime, pheasant hunt in the fall, and fish on the ice. Rinse. Repeat.Fish Hunt Race Victory Lane

I hope you find the articles here informative and useful and some just humorous. Some will have direct links on where to purchase the item to make it easier for you. I hope you interact on the site to help others, whether good or bad. What comes naturally to you, might be hard for someone else to understand, and vice versa.

I hope you land that trophy fish, bag the big buck, or end up in victory lane in 2018! And remember, be safe!