Best Electric Ice Augers: 2019 Top Picks & Buying Guide

Top Rated Models for 2018-19 Ice Season

If you’re looking to make your ice fishing trips more environmentally friendly, look no further than electric ice augers. There’s a few great ones on the market, all with different features, benefits and prices. Let’s figure out the best one for you.

Best Electric Ice Augers for Ice Fishing

We have collected a list of the top 3 electric ice augers for anglers and created this extensive review.

ION 8 Inch Auger with Reverse
Retail Price: $529

This ice auger is one of the smoothest and quietest on the market. With the patented reverse feature, it takes away the hassle of removing slush from the hole. No wonder it’s Amazon’s #1 seller among electric ice augers.

Powered by a 40v lithium battery, this unit will chew through a 1000 inches of ice on a single charge, more than enough for the average fisher on the weekend. It only takes a few hours to recharge with the charger that’s included.

Another awesome feature is that it weighs only 22 lbs. It can easily be transported far out on the ice or stored in the backseat of your pickup truck with no worries about smelling fumes or leaking fuel.

The wide grip handle bars and sharp blades makes it extremely easy for older anglers (especially ones with shoulder problems) to drill through the ice and to haul around. It also starts with the push of a button – no choking, no pulling and no cussing needed!

What concerns us about this model the ION is that the 34 inch long auger doesn’t have a spike in the middle of it. This could potentially lead to the auger not biting into the ice right away or wanting to dance around when starting to drill a hole.

In the coldest, freezing temps – make sure you keep your battery in your coat pocket or covered in hand warmers to ensure the battery keeps its charge. Do not leave it outside of your shack connected to the auger – the battery will drain fairly quick.

We also found out if you drill too many holes in a row, the battery will overheat and force the ice auger to stop running. Let it cool down a bit and it will work like it’s intended to.

Includes one 40v battery, charger and a 12 inch extension.

Bottom Line: For the price, quality and customer service, you could do a lot worse. This auger is a perfect addition to any ice anglers’ arsenal of gear which is why it’s the most popular electric ice auger. 6 and 10 inch auger versions are available. 

StrikeMaster Lithium 40v Electric Ice Auger
Retail Price: $599

This ice auger boasts the most power and torque compared to the other models. The 40v battery and laser-cut serrated auger makes quick work when dealing with the thickest of ice.

Though heavier than the ION, it is still lighter than most gas or propane powered models. It checks in at 24 lbs. with the battery attached to the unit. The battery is easier to click in than that of the ION.

A fully charged battery will net you approximately 1600 inches (70-100 holes) of ice drilled, compared to 1000 inches from the ION. The 2 amp charger will fully recharge your spent battery in 2 ½ hours.

The 40v battery never showed any signs of drainage or a let down in power. It just keeps going, going and going. Just like how a quality piece of equipment should.

We love the fact that the auger comes with a center spike; it makes starting a new hole much easier through thicker ice. The serrated blades on the auger chews through the ice very fast and efficiently; the downside is the hole isn’t as smooth as others because of the serrated blades.

The StrikeMaster also has an easy to push reverse button; easy to back the auger out of tricky ice or to remove the slush quick and effortlessly. It also comes with a blade cover.

This years model only comes with one battery, compared to previous years when it came with two. A spare battery will set you back around $169 big ones.

Don’t let the battery get cold or the unit will not power on. Keep the battery in a coat pocket or a small portable cooler with hand warmers.

Warranty: Manufacturer’s limited 2-year on battery, motor, and charger

Bottom Line: Another durable and well built electric ice auger. Easy to use, transport and extremely well made. A little pricier than the ION, but quality comes with a price. A 10 inch auger is also available.

Trophy Strike 40V Lithium Ion Ice 8″ Auger
Retail Price: $399 reviews the trophy strike 40v lithium ice auger as part of its best electric ice augers review.

The Trophy Strike electric ice auger kit comes with “everything you need to start drilling.”

This 22 lb. auger grinds through ice like warm butter due to the 340 rpms and 5 gear transmission. The large buttons on the handlebars makes it easy to operate while wearing thick gloves. 

An ice angler can expect to drill through 1200 inches of ice on a single battery charge, which comes with it’s own case. 

The boasts a 35 inch long auger and if that isn’t enough for you to find the fish, it comes with a 16.5 inch extension. This model also has a reverse gear to get you unstuck from tricky ice and easily flushes the slush from the hole.

The whole package includes the 8 inch electric ice auger, a 4 amp 40v battery, battery bag, charger and 16.5 inch extension. A 3 year limited warranty insures the purchase.

And as if 40v isn’t powerful enough for you, Trophy strike has even come out with a 120v unit. Click here to find out more.

This unit is definitely under priced at $399 retail. Tons of power, reliability and value is all you get with this potent ice auger. The best bang for your buck among all of the electric ice augers. 


Buying an electric ice auger doesn’t need to be a chore for 2019. The ION, Strikemaster and Trophy Strike are all quality, dependable and top rated machines for all ice fisherman young and old. 

Consider your budget and needs when choosing your perfect ice auger. Not every fisherman has the same needs as others. A drawback or lack of features may matter to others but not to you. Each unit will get the same desired result……a hole in the ice to go fishing!

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