Worst Hunting Advice

worst hunting advice funny

People pass on generations of hunting advice, tips and tricks to family members. Sometimes, that advice is just not good.

Antelope won’t jump over a fence.

Forget about the wind, just use scent blocker.

If you don’t shoot him, someone else will.

Deer don’t eat acorns, only field corn.

worst hunting advice funny hunting humor

You need to hang your deer stand 30-35 feet high!

Two deer hunters met in the woods. The first one said to the other, “Boy am I glad to see you, I’ve been lost for hours.” The second deer hunter said, “That’s nothing, I’ve been lost for a week.”

I’m pretty sure that way is North?

What side of the deer has the most meat? The inside…

Pheasants fly South for the winter, so that’s why I never get to shoot one.

You don’t need a hunting license for public ground.

Of course you can hunt deer at night!

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My cell phone duck call app is just as good as a real duck call…

You don’t need to hide to hunt turkeys.

You can wait a few days to gut a deer.

Deer don’t wake up ’til about noon on weekends.

Rub grape jelly over your boots and legs. Deer love the smell of grape.

Here’s a funny audio clip of comedian Bill Engvall deer hunting with his wife.

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